Keanu & Gabby’s Kirby Cove Beach Surprise Proposal

Last weekend, Keanu and Gabby went on a little hike in the Marin Headlands, making their way down to the beach at Kirby Cove. He brought along a bag with some stuff for a picnic. “But how are we going to picnic without a blanket?” Gabby wondered… well, ask and ye shall receive, because unbeknownst to her, we had already made our way down to the beach with a blanket, bouquet, and champagne in a bucket of ice, ready and waiting!

Upon arriving at the beach, Keanu brought Gabby down by the water to pop the question, and the whole beach heard and felt her excitement. We were so happy to be there to capture it amidst all the cheering and clapping! Though Kirby Cove was a bit of a trek for us — especially with carrying all our heavy camera gear and bringing the picnic setup down — seeing Gabby’s reaction made it all worth it. Congrats Keanu and Gabby!