Tim & Kim’s Bay Area Mountaintop Engagement Photos

Sometimes, we’re dealt a combination that is just too good to be true: the sweetest couple, in the most scenic location, with unbelievable weather. Tim & Kim love to hike, and they know all the good spots in the Bay Area… which is great for us as we love to explore new places for photos! They ended up choosing a mountaintop engagement photo shoot in Portola Valley, at a beautiful, quiet expanse of nature nestled in the Santa Cruz Mountains. It’s a wonderful spot for engagement photos, and even more so for Tim & Kim since the outdoors is something they enjoy together as a couple. On the day of the shoot, we were trying to decide whether to postpone due to possible cloudy weather, but we’re so glad they ended up going for it — everything was perfect beyond our dreams!

We took a fairly short hike around the trail, but even so, I wish we had more time because there was just so much variety here. Also because T&K were a lot of fun to hang around 🙂 The rolling hills, the sunset, and the fog in the background were just incredible to see. We could even watch in real time as the fog rolled in, consuming the hills little by little, which was both amazing and sad because our house is deep in the fog back there 😀

Oh, and can I just say I adore Kim’s dress?