Tiffany & Victor’s Maternity Photos at the Arastradero Preserve

Maternity photos at the Arastradero Preserve is like a combination made for each other: the golden sunset light, the gently rolling hills, and the soft fields of grass create a perfect setting to show off the beauty of motherhood. I’ve been lucky enough to have known Tiffany since high school and to have followed her life journey through so many important events: most recently, her and Victor’s wedding at SF City Hall and in France, and now, their soon-to-arrive TWINS! To get ready for this set of maternity photos, Tiffany ordered a custom dress and got alterations done just in time — and see how gorgeous she looks in it!

Tiffany, it’s still a little unreal imagining you being a mom (of twins, no less!), but we know you and Victor are both going to be the best parents… even if you do sometimes disagree on the practicality of certain baby items. (I am not-so-secretly rooting for Victor, as you might have guessed…) Our family can’t wait to meet your little ones in the new and improved year that will be 2021!