Vicki & Wai-en’s Engagement Photos at the Palace of Fine Arts and Baker Beach

Vicki and Wai-en met online like seemingly everyone does these days, and their story together quickly blossomed from there. (I think the last… 5? 6? couples we’ve talked to were all first brought together by the magic of the Internet — which would have been quite unbelievable even five years ago!) The two moved in together right as the pandemic was beginning, and they found such joy in being quarantine buddies that they officially got engaged in September. Fast forward two months, and here we are for their engagement photos at the Palace of Fine Arts and Baker Beach 🙂

I loved the very unique green color scheme of their first set of outfits which, aside from just plain looking great, also coordinated well with the green doors at the Palace of Fine Arts. Quite a few bystanders complimented them on the stunning outfit choice too! And the more casual photos at the beach afterwards made this a well-rounded set of engagement photos 🙂 Check them out below!