Taylor & Elana’s Artesa Vineyards & Winery Surprise Proposal

Taylor had a whole day of celebration planned for his girlfriend Elana, and it began with a visit to Artesa for a supposed wine tasting. We love Artesa’s very modern design and feel, and its sweeping view of the Napa Valley area is quite unlike any other winery we’ve been to. We had hidden a video camera behind one of the walkway lights, and as soon as they climbed the stairs, we quietly sprang into action to capture the moment!

Elana’s reaction can only be described as precious. After Taylor gave her a surprisingly effective excuse of “there’s a bird!” to get her to look away while he got the ring out and knelt down, the first thing she did was run in the other direction 😂 Of course, she quickly returned to say yes!

He had also arranged for Elana’s family to hide in the back as they arrived, ready to congratulate them. So afterwards, we stuck around to get some photos of the happy group all together.

See the story of Taylor and Elana’s Artesa Vineyards & Winery surprise proposal in the photos and video below!