Blair & Fernando’s SFO Airport Terminal Surprise Proposal

Blair and Fernando are a bit like us a few years ago — in a cross-border long distance relationship between the US and Canada. But Blair decided to “put a ring on it,” so to speak, in a more unique way 🙂 Flying and traveling have been a big part of their lives, so what could have been more appropriate than an airport terminal surprise proposal right after Fernando got off his Air Canada flight into SFO?

With the help of the incredibly accommodating staff at United Airlines, we and Blair got to the gate with plenty of time to look around and come up with a plan. The top of the escalators looked great — nice lighting, clean background, good location for a surprise — and so we laid in wait while the plane, and Fernando, made their way to the gate.

One weird thing about the pandemic is how incredibly quiet the airport was. We would never have been able to shoot photos this clean and empty in the Before Times. But on this amazing day, it was as if B&F had the whole place to themselves, and even though the terminal may have been empty of passengers, it sure was full of love!