Michael & Lexus’s Masked Surprise Proposal

COVID-19 has really put a hamper on going out and on travel in particular, but love doesn’t stop and love doesn’t wait. Last week, Michael brought Lexus down to this perfect Golden Gate Bridge vantage point to surprise her with the question. But before they made their way there, he smoothly got Lexus to hop on a video call so that her family could see it happen. In a true reflection of the times, in these photos below you’ll see them both wearing masks during the proposal, and Lexus holding her phone for the video call. One of my favorite things about this proposal, by the way, is how the mask covers Lexus’s face, but her emotion and joy have no trouble shining right through it.

This was a very special moment indeed, and one we were incredibly lucky to have gotten the chance to capture. Congrats Lexus and Michael!