Michelle & Justin’s Colorful and Playful Engagement Photos

Are you ready to see a set of very colorful and playful engagement photos? Michelle and Justin chose to start off their engagement shoot at two spots that were not only new to us, but are entirely unconventional for engagement photos. We started off at the Coin-Op Game Room in SoMa, where you can see they had a pretty good time at the various game machines around the arcade. (I wasn’t keeping score… I assume Michelle won though.) Afterwards, we headed over to Spark Social SF to grab a bite at the food truck park that they often visit together.

The unique, lighthearted, and vibrant environment at these locations was a lot of fun for us to shoot in, but we really liked that these spots were something special to them, since one of their first dates was at an arcade, and Spark Social, being right next to their home, is a place they go all the time.

Afterwards, we headed over to Sutro Baths for some of our classic outdoor SF shots. I think this was our first time with a couple wearing traditional Chinese attire at Sutro Baths — which makes this whole shoot a perfect 3/3 for uniqueness! Love it!