Evan & Ashley’s California Academy of Sciences Wedding

Last spring, Evan proposed to Ashley at the park where they first met (pics here!), and this summer, the two joined together in marriage at their California Academy of Sciences wedding. The Academy was a really unique setting for their one-of-a-kind wedding day, and the science-themed venue (it’s an actual museum, after all!) was super fitting for the two of them.

We started the day off by joining Ashley and some of the ladies at The Fairmont SF while they were getting ready, then headed over to Golden Gate Park for their first look. It was a little reminiscent of their proposal last year — at the top of some stairs, but this time with their wedding venue in the background instead of their city of San Francisco. This was a super cute moment and we really loved capturing it!

Although we had been to the Academy before, everything looked quite different when viewed through the lens of a wedding! The living wall backdrop for Ashley & Evan’s wedding ceremony transformed the space yet fit in so perfectly with the rest of the decor, and the African Hall (with its life-sized zebras and other animals… and no those aren’t paintings!) was really something else.

At the end of the night, Evan even got up on stage to drum with the band. Ashley was his #1 cheerleader, of course, but everyone was having a great time and enjoying the performance.

Also, one final thing I just have to mention before I leave you with the photos: next to the dance floor, there was a geode station. When we saw “geode station” mentioned in our planning discussions, we were totally confused. What on earth is a geode station? Well, it’s a station where you crack some geodes with a mallet and see what cool gems lie inside…. and it was a real “hit” with the guests who then got to take them home as wedding favors!

Congrats to Evan & Ashley and check out some of the highlights from their wedding below!