JJ & Alex’s Wedding at Fairview Crystal Springs & CuriOdyssey

JJ & Alex are probably the most incredible couple we’ve ever met. It’s just unbelievable how talented they are: both work in software by day and are skilled dancers by night (quite the combination!), Alex started a company that was later acquired, and JJ, the gifted artist, beautifully hand-painted a lot of their wedding items which you’ll see in the photos below. And they’re the sweetest and most thoughtful couple too: they planned a ton of activities for guests in the months leading up to their wedding so their friends could get to know each other and have fun, and at the wedding, they even filled their welcome table with personal, hand-written greetings for each guest.

They held their wedding at Fairview Crystal Springs and their reception at CuriOdyssey. All throughout both locations, they had prepared a lot of personalized elements to make their wedding truly theirs, like the stationery they designed themselves, and the painted narrative of their story on their welcome table. It was actually our first time at Fairview Crystal Springs, and it couldn’t have been better. The venue, mountains, and lake were a perfect backdrop for JJ & Alex’s first look, ceremony, and vows. And speaking of vows, it was mentioned during the ceremony that JJ converted Alex to using Vim… and while I might never come to understand how a text editor could be so interesting, David seems to think this is the most exciting thing ever.

Their reception was definitely the highlight of the day. It began with Alex & JJ’s perfectly-practiced first waltz and their guests’ enthusiastic cheering, followed by a choreographed surprise group swing dance for their guests to enjoy. And the night was filled with some of the most memorable toasts we’ve ever heard — including a bridesmaid speech that included a very well-done presentation with slides describing how awesome this couple is! (Like, did you know JJ was a pro-level ping pong player as a kid?)

We’re incredibly grateful and excited to have been a part of Alex & JJ’s wedding day. Check out some highlights from their wedding below!