AJ & Sabrina’s Sunset Proposal at Battery Spencer

AJ & Sabrina’s sunset proposal at Battery Spencer was (of course) an incredible moment for them, and also a very exciting time for us as well. AJ had been discussing his plans with me for weeks, and I just loved how excited he was — he’d text me every couple of days, and I could see and hear his anticipation bubbling through, even though of course we had never even met. On the eve of the big day, Sabrina happened to find the Beats headphone box where he had hid the ring… luckily, he managed to quietly get it back before she looked inside!

I didn’t think anyone could have been more excited than AJ, but Sabrina was! The two of them were so sweet and we feel so lucky to have been able to capture their moment together. And just look at that sunset behind them. It was so soft and spectacular, one of the best I’ve seen in months!