Bruce & Hannah’s Engagement Photos at Ocean Beach and Gott’s Roadside

Bruce and Hannah are cute, lovey, and total goofballs. We felt like the two of us had a lot in common with them (mostly the goofy part), and I think it helped make for a perfect engagement shoot! We started off at Gott’s Roadside at the Ferry Building, as food is a big part of their lives and they often like to spend time with each other there. (Side note: the garlic fries there are sooooooo good!) We kept it super casual and had a lot of fun, and I love the way their silly personalities light up in these.

After a quick stop along the Embarcadero for a couple of photos on Pier 7, we then headed over to the coast and finished their engagement photos at Ocean Beach. This beach is quickly becoming one of our favorite spots, and I think these photos of H&B might just be our favorite images from there! The rolling dunes, lush succulents, the beach — and of course our oh-so-in-love couple — it’s all just such a great combination for photos, and it worked out especially great with Hannah’s red dress and Bruce’s suit.

We’re really excited for their wedding, coming up in just a few weeks!