D&V’s San Francisco Lands End Trail Surprise Proposal

I love how thoroughly V planned this event. Towards the end of last year he was picking a location, and eventually decided on a Lands End Trail surprise proposal. He sent me the coordinates, a map of the area, a photo of where to go off trail, and even a video of how it looked. I could already picture how everything would look, without even having been there!

Exactly a month before the big day, the two of us visited the spot together to run through it and make sure we were on the same page about everything. When the time came, V and D walked over to the spot together, and as planned, he calmly asked the friendly stranger who just happened to be nearby (that’s me, folks!) to take a photo of the two of them together.

I did exactly that, but of course I didn’t stop at just one photo. I’m not sure whether I actually heard her say “yes” — but D’s overjoyed expressions say all that needs to be said. Take a look below for her reaction and how it unfolded!