Kristen & Darryl’s San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers Engagement Photos

Kristen & Darryl are getting married in Maui next year, and so they wanted to get some photos that show off a mix of San Francisco and Hawaiian flavors. They prepared well — these Conservatory of Flowers engagement photos are perfectly on theme and, maybe even more importantly, I just love how much fun they’re having in them.

Milo, their adorable Westie, made a special appearance… actually, a lot of appearances. He even had multiple outfit changes, including a flower collar to go with mom’s flower crown, and a perfectly-fitted Hawaiian shirt that was adorably on point! This was a bit different from my usual engagement shoots, and all the little things that they worked into the shoot (did you notice the spam musubis?) made it super fun.

Congrats to Kristen & Darryl. I’m sure their wedding next year is going to be amazing!