Megan & Darius’s Rock Creek Gardens Wedding in Puyallup | Seattle Wedding Photographer

We don’t travel for work often, but weddings outside of our Bay Area home have consistently been some of our most memorable. Megan and Darius’s Rock Creek Gardens wedding in Puyallup definitely fit this trend. While putting this blog post together, we kept looking back on this day and thinking, “can we just keep shooting this wedding every weekend forever?”

For us, their story began one year to the day before their wedding, when Darius and Megan were on a trip to San Francisco, and he proposed to her on Treasure Island in front of a beautiful city skyline backdrop. (By the way, Treasure Island is one of our favorite, but also most underrated spots in San Francisco. Check it out if you’re ever visiting!) Fast-forward to 2018, and we found ourselves sitting very excitedly on a plane bound for Seattle, anxious to see them again.

I think what we enjoyed most about this wedding is how incredibly excited Megan was. Obviously every bride is excited for her wedding, but with Megan, it felt like there was this never-ending flood of energy coming out of her all the time. And it was contagious… I think it would be impossible for anyone around her to not be affected by it!

The wedding day itself was perfection. We started off in the morning at Hotel Murano in Tacoma with Megan & her girls in a room perfect for getting ready. Darius wasn’t there in person, of course, but he was there in… cardboard, I guess. You’ll see in the photos.

After lunch, we left for Rock Creek Gardens in Puyallup, where M&D had a very cute first look under the stone arch, followed by their ceremony in front of a most beautiful floral decoration. The whole day, we felt like kids in a ball pit made of candy, snapping away at everything we love as photographers. We couldn’t get enough of all the laughter and all the tears, the sometimes emotional speeches, the sunset photos on a rowboat, all the partying, and of course, the sparkler send-off.

One quick thing we just have to mention about Darius: he was made for photos on that rowboat. We’ve done rowboat photos many times in the past, but usually after unloading our memory cards, I find myself deleting photo after photo of the groom looking strained, facing the wrong way, or just flailing the oars awkwardly. But nope, not Darius… as he explained to us, he’s no stranger to rowing. (Or maybe he secretly practiced before the wedding.) He could turn that thing on a dime and maneuver effortlessly, and it shows in the photos!

This post is getting a little long, and I know you’re really just here to see the photos. So scroll down and take a look!