Eric, Michaela, and Noelle: An Adorable Proposal at Battery Spencer

Eric & Michaela’s proposal was the most adorable proposal. While on a family trip to San Francisco with their baby daughter Noelle (just a month younger than our own Aubrey!), parents and baby made their way up to Battery Spencer to enjoy the beautiful sunset colors and its unique view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We loved Michaela’s happy reaction and how excited she and Eric were, of course, but I think what made this moment extra special was Noelle being such a good sport (it was really cold!) and making the occasion extra cute.

When looking through these photos, I can’t help but assign captions to each photo to go along with what I imagine Noelle is thinking:

1. Hey sneaky photographer, I see you back there!
2. Why’s Daddy on the ground?
3. Ooohhhh shiny!
4-7. Hey guys, I know whatever you’re doing is important, but can I get some attention over here?
8. Ok fine, I’ll look at the camera for one frame.
9. Ewww get a room you guys — puke!

Apologies for my overactive imagination. Anyway, enjoy the photos and congrats to Eric and Michaela (and Noelle)!