Yan & Min’s Surprise Proposal at the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton

5/20 is a special day for many Chinese couples (it sounds like “I love you” in Mandarin), and Yan made sure to lock down that date with us several months in advance to capture this special moment between him and his girlfriend Min. He put a lot of thought into choosing the perfect spot, especially since the weather wasn’t looking the best that weekend.

When the time came, he and two of his friends concocted a story to get Min out to the Half Moon Bay Ritz Carlton for the surprise proposal, and they choreographed it perfectly. He led her to an overlook above the beach and coastline, and at just the right moment, his friends started playing music from a speaker that had been concealed in an inconspicuous shopping bag. We loved Min’s overjoyed reaction, and all the happy moments following the proposal.

Our favorite part? They went out to celebrate at a hot pot restaurant. My kind of people!