Antoinette & Remy’s Point Reyes Station Dance Palace Wedding

I loved the uniqueness and personality that Antoinette & Remy weaved into their wedding day at the Point Reyes Station Dance Palace. I’ll start with their wedding ceremony, one of my favorites and perhaps most memorable to date. A&R would have loved to have their cats play the role of flower girl and ring bearer, but I think we can probably imagine how that would have played out. Instead, they made cardboard cutouts of their cats’ faces and had a couple of friends hold those as they walked down the aisle. The lively “flower girl” cat was met with much laughter as she walked down and tossed lavender petals into the guests’ seats.

I lost count of the number of nerdy puns during the ceremony, so I guess I’ll just mention one I particularly enjoyed. Instead of a unity candle after their vows, the newlyweds planted a tree in a jar of dirt from their childhood homes. And do you know what a tree has in common with a wedding? Rings. They both have rings. Of all the weddings we’ve witnessed, I’m certain this was the most unique lead-in to the ring exchange of all!

In between all the moments, we of course found time to get some portraits for the lovely couple. Remy & Antoinette had their first look under the most beautiful sunny sky near an old, rustic barn across the street, which is one of our favorite backdrops ever. At night, before leaving, we finished up with one final photo at the spot where they exchanged their vows, in front of their DIY light-up arch. Congrats to Remy & Antoinette, and take a look at their photos below 🙂