Brandon & Brooke’s Sweet Discovery Bay Lake House Engagement Story

Brandon had been planning this moment for months with the help of family & friends, and when the big day came, it really paid off as everything went incredibly perfectly.

As their family members and closest friends quietly gathered at the lake house for the celebration (unbeknownst to Brooke of course), Brandon blindfolded Brooke and drove her there along a circuitous route. Everyone did an incredible job containing their excitement and remaining absolutely silent while he led her down to the dock, which their friends had decorated with candles and rose petals.

When they reached the end, Brandon took Brooke’s blindfold off and dropped to one knee, and I could see the most ecstatic look on her face. (I was in a kayak with my cameras, so it was a bit of a delicate balancing act between trying to lean out for the best shot while not flipping over and going for a swim…) Then, while Brooke was still unaware of their presence, everyone started cheering loudly at the exact same moment as if choreographed and practiced a hundred times before — and not only their loved ones, but we even heard claps and shouts from neighbors who saw the event unfold from across the lake!

That wasn’t all though: the couple had just had gotten approved for their new home together, and Brandon brought along their new key! This was truly one of the happiest days we’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing, and having their friends & family there to celebrate together made it extra special. Congratulations to Brandon & Brooke!!