Jordan & Torey’s Surprise Proposal | San Francisco Slackers Hill Golden Gate Bridge View

Slackers Hill is the tallest hill in the Marin Headlands facing the Golden Gate Bridge from the north, and consequently has an absolutely spectacular view of the entire area, including nearly the entire city of San Francisco, along with the Bay Bridge, Oakland, and parts of Sausalito. Its peak (elevation ~930 feet) has a small, flat plateau featuring amazing sights in every direction.

This is a place I’ve personally always wanted to visit, so even though I was supposed to be taking a break from work this December, when Jordan contacted me to capture his surprise engagement proposal there I knew I had to make it work.

There’s about a 15-minute hike to get up to the top from the nearest parking lot. The half-mile trek is rather monotonous, but it’s steep, tiring, and totally and unequivocally worth it. Slackers Hill offers a stunning — and possibly the absolute best — view of the Golden Gate Bridge and City of San Francisco, and as a bonus, it’s very quiet up there and there are no crowds to deal with. Someday when I’m not working, I’ll go back with a couple of chairs just to enjoy the sunrise or sunset, which by the way, are phenomenal from up there.

The real star of this blog post is of course our couple, Jordan & Torey. While visiting San Francisco for the holidays, the two made it up the hill in time for sunset last week, and after having some quiet time to themselves and taking an ample quantity of selfies, he popped the question. I bet they’ll never forget those intimate moments and gorgeous sights they shared up there! Check out the photos below, and merry Christmas 🙂