Hayley & Joey | San Francisco Wedding at the Presidio Golden Gate Club

December 14, 2016

From start to finish, Hayley & Joey’s wedding was full of fun and laughter. Before their ceremony, we coordinated a first look at the nearby Presidio Chapel, in front of its grand doors. There were a lot of cute moments at the first look, including the amusing line “hold me like you love me, not like you’re strangling me!” which still comes to my mind whenever I see the first photo below, followed by some portraits of the bride & groom and the wedding party.

At the wedding itself, H&J incorporated a lot of great personal details. A friend of theirs did all the calligraphy for the signs and escort cards, which were all absolutely beautiful. We witnessed many fun and touching toasts and dances, some epic lightsaber battles, and later in the night, a live band performance — by Joey’s own band! He went on stage to hit the drums while the crowd chanted “JOEY! JOEY! JOEY!” and he played a killer beat for their guests on the dance floor.

At the end of the night when it was all over, Hayley and Joey had a little surprise for us. Their buddies brought an ambulance, and we got to take some photos by it! I think the last photo here captured the spirit of the night pretty well. No brides were harmed in the production of this wedding!

Caterer: Rachel Hayes and Steffanie Lehr, Presidio Foods
Coordinator: Diana Dorsey, Simply Elegant
Florist: Anne Mendenhall
Lighting: Kristina Arhancet, Got Light
DJ: Mikey Mason, DJ Roost Uno
Band: Dustin Finney, Audiodub
Invitations: Rachael Novak
Photobooth: Jacob Conger, Mobophoto
Officiant: Mary Alice O’Connor
Signage: Lisa Schaaf, Kat Florita
Hair & Makeup: Chantelle