Kushal & Soha | San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts Surprise Proposal Photography

With the help of Soha’s family (and us!), Kushal planned his proposal more than a month in advance. Since he lives in London and she’s local to the Bay Area, his trip was a complete surprise to her — but everyone else was in on it. He even told her he was in a data center to explain why he couldn’t pick up his phone!

The big day happened to be close to Soha’s sister-in-law’s birthday, so the girls took her out to “celebrate” and dropped by the Palace of Fine Arts to supposedly take a few photos of themselves there. Meanwhile, Kushal hid behind the big tree out in front of the pond. The girls just happened (oh what a coincidence) to find that tree interesting and stopped to take photos there, and not-so-randomly bumped into Annie who was conveniently hanging out nearby and offered to take a group photo of the girls with their phones. After the group photo, Annie took three individual shots: one of each of the sisters-in-law, and then finally of Soha.

Once Soha was alone by the tree, Kushal very quietly walked out from behind the tree, evoking an absolutely priceless reaction from Soha. He then proposed and was met by cheering, clapping, and even a champagne bottle being uncorked by a friendly crowd of bystanders. Oh, and she said yes 🙂 Congratulations you two!