Elli & Elliott’s Vine Hill House Sonoma Wedding

After a year of eager anticipation, Elli and Elliott’s Sonoma wedding finally arrived! For us, it was one of our happiest events in recent memory. Of course, every wedding is a joyous occasion, but the consistent theme that will surely jump out at anyone looking through these photos is just how full of smiles everyone is and how happy they are for E&E. [ read more … ]

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Anna & Adam’s Sonoma Vineyard Wedding at Vine Hill House

We’ve adored Adam & Anna’s love story since the moment we met them. Anna’s family has been beekeepers for several generations, and Adam proposed with jars of A&A’s very first batch of honey. We photographed their engagement session at Anna’s parents’ home, right where their bees are kept. And so it should come as no surprise that cute little bee-related details made their way into A-squared’s wedding day too.

Anna & Adam’s first look was one of our favorite first looks ever. [ read more … ]

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Anna & Adam | Sebastopol Backyard Engagement Session

​​You know when you meet a couple and you just click? Adam and Anna were definitely that couple. We loved hearing their proposal story: Anna’s family has a long beekeeping tradition, and prior to the proposal, Adam worked with her parents to create their own batch of honey. He then proposed with jars of their honey right in Anna’s parents’ backyard, and as if that wasn’t “sweet” enough, Anna proposed right back with a ring she had been hiding! [ read more … ]

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