Michael & Lucile’s Wedding at CuriOdyssey | San Mateo Wedding Photographer

This is a love story about a French girl and an American boy who met in Japan and have been in love ever since. Lucile and Michael’s modern travel-themed wedding was held at CuriOdyssey, witnessed and blessed by their family and friends from all around the world. They have put so much effort into the details – Lucile handmade ALL of the origami bouquets, boutonnieres, guest favors, and the centerpieces herself, and they incorporated French, American, and Japanese culture seamlessly into their wedding. Oh, and the tie that Michael wore was made of a piece of fabric from Lucile’s wedding dress! I was in full candid mode for the entire wedding because M&L really wanted organic moments of their special day. So I promise you, there is not a single posed photo here. Now, let the photos bring you back to a perfect day for a sweet couple. [ read more … ]

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Stefanie & Johnson’s Engagement Photos at Foothills Park | Palo Alto Lifestyle Photography

Stefanie and Johnson met in Austria and they’ve been dating long distance. I’m so happy to capture their love for each other and I had so much fun watching them running around, laughing, and doing lots of jumping. Love their passion and energy!!

Their wedding is going to be in Vienna this year and it’s going to be a fun celebration, I just know so! 🙂 Congrats Stefanie and Johnson!

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Megan & David’s Couple Portraits at Gamble Garden | Palo Alto Family Photographer

Megan & David have been married for two years and have been in the Bay Area for a year, so this was a good time to get some great couple photos. We went out for a portrait session at the Elizabeth F. Gamble Garden in Palo Alto during the beautiful fall season. They brought their adorable and very well-behaved dog along which was a lot of fun, and even bought him a cute hoodie with ear flaps for this shoot! It was well worth the investment as we got a lot of great shots. See their photos below:

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Violet Smashing the Cake | Bay Area Baby Birthday Photography

Little Violet is one year old! She is OH SO adorable!! I LOVE everything of this cake smashing set up. Everything is, literally, violet — the banner, the cake, the blanket, the necklace, the hair bands, and even the custom made diaper! Little Violet certainly enjoyed that cake as she flipped it over and smashed the whole thing 🙂

Happy birthday Violet!

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Norwood Family Photos at Mitchell Park | Palo Alto Family Portrait Photographer

The Norwood family recently moved to California from Texas, and I’m thrilled to shoot their yearly family photos for 2014! Peter and Jeannette are a sweet couple and Aaron was full of energy and climbed on everything he could in that park 🙂 And I have to say, Aaron was quite the model — I didn’t have to pose him or anything, my camera just loved him!

Peter, Jeannette and Aaron, welcome to the Bay Area!

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