Ozzy & Ashley’s Martin’s Beach Surprise Proposal in Half Moon Bay

Martin’s Beach is a hidden gem of Half Moon Bay with an interesting story (see Wikipedia). Past its very unassuming entrance is a quiet beach with calm waves, coastal cliffs, and an absolutely perfect ocean sunset view. It’s a spot that Ozzy and Ashley had stumbled upon and shared memories together in the past, and it’s where he chose to ask for her hand in marriage. Check out Ozzy & Ashley’s Martin’s Beach surprise proposal below.

This was a very exciting moment to witness, and I love the energy jumping out of their photos 🙂 As they say, “never turn your back on the ocean” — you might just get a surprise if you do!

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Rohan & Aastha’s Private Half Moon Bay Proposal at Martin’s Beach

As Rohan was planning his proposal, he knew he wanted a place that was quiet and beautiful, and Martin’s Beach was at the top of his list. Clearly, he had done his homework — I didn’t even know about this place until he told me about it! This incredible beach actually has a pretty interesting history [ read more … ]

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