Jian & Katrina’s Intimate Wedding at Boulder Ridge

Jian and Katrina’s intimate wedding at Boulder Ridge was beautiful and touching in a one-of-a-kind way, and we’re still swooning over memories of their day. Their wedding and personalities really connected with us — Jian the thoughtful, pragmatic husband with Katrina, the sweet, lighthearted wife — and the love and support shown by all their friends in attendance was thick in the atmosphere. All of the speeches, from the newlyweds’ own to the bridal party’s toasts, were so genuine and filled with love [ read more … ]

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Priscilla & Arian’s Romantic Springtime Wedding at Boulder Ridge

Love is a beautiful journey, and on a magical spring day last month, we had the pleasure of documenting Priscilla and Arian’s extraordinary springtime wedding at Boulder Ridge in San Jose. The air was filled with romance and joy as their special day unfolded, leaving a mark on all those fortunate enough to be a part of it.

From the getting ready moments to their last dance, every detail of Priscilla and Arian’s wedding was a testament to their love and the bonds they share. [ read more … ]

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Khin & John’s San Jose Boulder Ridge Wedding

What an exciting ride this has been… from one of our favorite engagement shoots to their absolutely beautiful wedding day, we’re super excited to share some photos from John & Khin’s Boulder Ridge wedding in San Jose. [ read more … ]

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