Jian & Katrina’s Intimate Wedding at Boulder Ridge

Jian and Katrina’s intimate wedding at Boulder Ridge was beautiful and touching in a one-of-a-kind way, and we’re still swooning over memories of their day. Their wedding and personalities really connected with us — Jian the thoughtful, pragmatic husband with Katrina, the sweet, lighthearted wife — and the love and support shown by all their friends in attendance was thick in the atmosphere. All of the speeches, from the newlyweds’ own to the bridal party’s toasts, were so genuine and filled with love, and at the end of the night as the event was wrapping up, several of the guests were even tearing up a bit as they congratulated Jian and Katrina on their marriage.

We had the privilege of documenting this day in both photo and video, and the postproduction for this wedding has been one of our most enjoyable to date. Not only was the day filled with heartfelt energy and emotion, but the venue at Boulder Ridge, perched atop the hills of San Jose, provided a visually-stunning feast for our cameras… we felt like kids at a candy buffet!

Congrats to Jian and Katrina on tying the knot, and check out the highlights from their wedding day below!