Sophia’s Floral Milk Bath Maternity Photos

I had such a great time with Sophia during her maternity milk bath photo shoot. It was slow-paced (at least compared to the proposals and weddings I’m used to!), relaxing, and really enjoyable — we bonded as mothers between shots, and talked about our birth stories and other… motherly things. [ read more … ]

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Tara’s Maternity Floral Milk Bath Session | San Francisco Portrait Photographer

Tara is expecting her second boy in just three weeks! She is a stunning mother and totally rocked that blue lace dress!

Warm milk, fresh flowers, and a blooming belly, we had so much fun shooting this glamorous milk bath session. I think the little one also enjoyed the milk bath because we saw him kicking around pretty excitedly 🙂 So excited to share these!

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San Francisco Maternity Boudoir Milk Bath Photography: Personal Project

Up until now, Annie and I have posted very little of our own personal work online, but this winter we’ve finally had a chance to catch up on things! [ read more … ]

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