Ben & Brooke’s Engagement Hill Surprise Proposal in Marin

Engagement Hill (a stone’s throw from Sausalito) is a bit less well-known than the other trails and lookouts along the Marin Headlands, but it’s an absolutely stunning location, offering a sweeping view of the nearby hills, the San Francisco Bay, and the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. It also happens to be right in the path of Ben and Brooke’s favorite hike — and is quite appropriately named for this very special occasion!

On a sunny morning last weekend, Ben and Brooke went off on an early hike like they had done many times before. But this time, he had a little (well, not so little) surprise for her. They stopped at the top of the hill to catch a break and enjoy the view momentarily, and Ben turned to Brooke. As he recounted their journey together and revealed a shiny ring in his hands, she started to realize that this was the big moment, and as you can see in the photos below, it was quite clear that she was beyond thrilled!

This was a fun hike and a beautiful moment for me to witness, and I’m in love with the photos. Congrats to this beautiful couple on their Engagement Hill surprise proposal!