Amanda & Rahmtin’s Dreamy Golden Gate Park Engagement Photos

Amanda and Rahmtin’s engagement shoot last week carried a soft, dreamy look that I think perfectly captured both the essence of them as a couple as well as this beautiful city where they built their relationship. We started our shoot at Huntington Falls, whose gentle waters and lush surroundings gave us a rich, colorful setting to work with that felt both intimate and expansive. I even got to explore some new places that I hadn’t been to before, and it was a great opportunity to exercise some creativity and have fun with Amanda and Rahmtin.

After our circuit around Stow Lake, we headed to Marshalls Beach where the rocky coastline and up-close view of the Golden Gate Bridge added a dramatic flair to the session. We managed to catch one of the best sunsets of 2024, enveloping us in soft, golden light towards the end of the shoot. It made a perfect complement to our earlier photos, and the canvas of this vast, wide beach was a wonderful space for Amanda and Rahmtin to splash around, have fun, and create some moments to be frozen in time.

I’m really excited to share just a few of my favorite photos from their shoot — and can’t wait for the wedding this fall!