Danielle & Rey’s Oceano Wedding in Half Moon Bay

Danielle & Rey’s Oceano wedding was filled with wonderful people, the perfect setting, and an amazing couple. From morning to night, we had the best time being flies on the wall and documenting all the moments of their wedding day, and our cameras loved capturing all the people and action.

Let’s start with the decor: can you believe the groom hand-made the bridesmaids’ bouquets and the groomsmen’s boutonnieres? They both put a lot of effort into making it a perfect day not just for them, but also for their guests, and everyone had a great time. The 360 photo booth (you can see some photos at the end) was a huge hit and made a fun photo opportunity as well. And Danielle’s dress with Rey’s dark green suit were the perfect match, just like the couple themselves!

When we think back on the wedding day now, a month after the fact, it was almost like a blur. We were having too much fun, I guess! It’s only when we look back on the photos that all the little details start coming back, frozen in time: that beautiful moment when Rey watched as Danielle and her dad walked down the aisle towards him, then as father and daughter gave each other an emotional hug; their beautiful vows under the warm sunlight as family and friends smiled and celebrated; their quiet moments away on the pier for portraits as the sun set over the horizon. It’s a day worth slowly reliving piece by piece, and we’re excited to now share it with you 🙂

Congrats to Danielle and Rey on a wonderful wedding day!