Josh & Katelyn’s SF Beach Sunset Engagement Portraits

Josh and Katelyn’s proposal story was a super unique and special one: they went out for a nice dinner together, and when they came back to their apartment, Josh proposed in the middle of their apartment with a wall of memories surrounding them. He had sneakily printed out lots of their photos that he had collected over the years and built a hanging garden of photos, full of their past together, suspended by strings attached to the ceiling. Super sweet!

They’re having their wedding next year at a church and hotel, so last week for engagement portraits they decided to do something with a completely different feel — a casual, fun shoot at the beach. We spent the golden hour making our way down the trail to Marshalls Beach, taking photos along the way, before reaching the water where they splashed around for some fun shots just as the sun was setting.

We can’t wait for the wedding day!