Samantha & Will’s SF City Hall Elopement with Adorable Toddler

It was a close call — just a week before their SF City Hall elopement date, Samantha and Will caught COVID and nearly had to cancel, but luckily fully recovered just in time! They brought along their son (who, as I’d find out, prefers to be addressed as Sergeant Cooper) and Samantha’s parents to celebrate with them. Aside from playing the role of a very adorable ringbearer, Sgt. Cooper also enjoyed running (and rolling) around the hallways while we took photos afterwards.

Though the formalities lasted only a few minutes, there were lots of emotions — and even tears — during the ceremony. Congrats to Will and Samantha on a beautiful wedding! Check out a few of my favorite photos from their ceremony on the Mayor’s Balcony and some portraits of them afterwards 🙂