Shaine & Olivia’s Tennessee Beach Surprise Proposal

Shaine and Olivia had just moved to the Bay Area late last year, and already they’ve been exploring all that the area has to offer, often going on hiking trips all around the Bay. Recently, they made a visit to Tennessee Beach, a place we had actually never been before. It’s a beautiful, secluded beach located at the end of an relaxing trail filled with fields of lush grass, flowers, and even wildlife, so it was kind of a nice two-for-one trip for us — we got to enjoy a nice hike and capture a special memory at the end of it!

When Shaine and Olivia arrived, she thought they were there to spend time on a picturesque walk before a dinner reservation with friends in nearby Sausalito. But of course, he in fact had a big surprise planned out. We were waiting halfway across the beach, and as he started to say the special words, we closed in and captured the moment. Congrats to Shaine and Olivia, and we’re excited to have witnessed this milestone marking your new lives together!