Hami & Gabby’s Drone Airdrop Surprise Proposal at The French Laundry

Hami and I started planning out his proposal almost four months ago, and he really wanted to propose in The French Laundry’s cute outdoor garden, with the ring being delivered to him at the exact proposal location via drone airdrop. To make sure everything went off without a hitch, Hami, his friend/drone pilot Saba, and I visited the garden together late last year to perform a dry run of the proposal and drone delivery and to rehearse the whole plan together.

It was tough to get a reservation at the ever-popular three-Michelin-star TFL though! It took almost two months for Hami to secure a date, and from that point on, we anxiously counted down the days. When the big day came, Saba and I met up at the garden, ran through one last rehearsal, and then laid in wait. The rain held off just long enough for Hami and Gabby to make their way over and for the airdrop to go down exactly as planned. You can see all of it play out in the photos below!