Kevin & Gizzelle’s Rooftop Surprise Proposal at the California Academy of Sciences

On a beautiful winter morning, Kevin brought Gizzelle up to the rooftop of the California Academy of Sciences under the pretense that they were there to attend a holiday event. Gizzelle was excited and dressed in her finest holiday attire, eagerly looking forward to the festivities. But upon arriving on the rooftop, she noticed that it was quiet and empty — they had the space all to themselves! She smiled while taking in the beautiful sight, wondering what other surprises the morning had in store.

As they walked around, Kevin led Gizzelle to a spot in front of the dome of the living rooftop where I was waiting. He took Gizzelle’s hand, got down on one knee, and gave a short speech, asking her to marry him. Gizzelle was overwhelmed with emotion and couldn’t believe what was happening. She said yes through tears of joy, and the two laughed and hugged as I snapped photos from afar.

I’m excited to share a few photos of this happy couple’s proposal moment!