Jenny & Kelly’s Fall Vineyard Wedding at Tre Posti

Jenny and Kelly’s fall vineyard wedding at Tre Posti was a gorgeous celebration of their love and commitment to each other, and it was a true honor to be a part of their special day. Eleven years — that’s how long they’d been together, and I think the best display of this was during their personal vows… both started off exactly the same way! After so many years, they finally tied the knot surrounded by their beloved friends & family at the picturesque and exceptionally autumn-colored vineyard.

If we had to pick one part of the wedding day as our favorite, it’d be Kelly and Jenny’s first look, private vow exchange, and gift exchange shortly before their ceremony. It was a wonderful and touching moment, and we especially loved seeing Jenny’s infectious giggles and smiles!

One of the more unique aspects of the wedding was the thoughtful incorporation of Chinese cultural elements. The couple performed a traditional tea ceremony, a beautiful way for Jenny and Kelly to pay tribute to their heritage. They also included other subtle nods to Chinese culture throughout the day. The groomsmen wore red bowties, adding a pop of color to the wedding party, and Kelly wore a black one with a subtle red 囍 (double happiness) on it — I think it’s my personal favorite of all the bowties I’ve seen. And no Asian-inspired wedding would be complete without pineapple buns! These sweet and savory treats were served at the dessert table, and they were a hit with the guests and photographers alike.

We also discovered an interesting connection: the best man (Kelly’s brother) and his girlfriend had actually been at our house for hot pot! She’s a good friend of mine from high school, which made for a rather interesting greeting upon our arrival.

The entire day was filled with love and joy, and Jenny and Kelly’s happiness can not only be seen but also felt in all of these photos and moments. It was a beautiful and emotional celebration, and we’re so happy to have been a part of it. Congratulations to The Chaos on their gorgeous vineyard wedding!