Eric & Cory’s The Club at Ruby Hill Wedding Photos

This day marked several firsts for Cory & Eric. Besides of course being their first official day as “hugsbands” (see the pic of their ring box!), it was also only their second time having professional photos taken together (the first being their engagement photos), and it was their first same-sex wedding as they had never attended one before! They wanted their wedding to reflect California, and the venue they chose, The Club at Ruby Hill, does this wonderfully with its golden California colors and rolling hills without being over the top.

What we’ll remember most from their wedding is how genuinely happy everyone was for Eric & Cory — parents, family, wedding party, guests… and themselves of course! The laughter and tears at the ceremony, those hugs and quiet smiles during the reception, they speak volumes without saying a word. When we look through these photos, we relive those moments and feelings, and it makes us so happy all over again!

So we now present you, dear reader, a few of our favorite photos from Eric and Cory’s wedding at The Club at Ruby Hill. Congrats to the happy hugsbands!