Eric & Cory’s Stanford Campus Engagement Photos

Engagement photos are a time to get a great set of professional photos, but they can also be an opportunity to relive memories — and even to create new ones. So we love it when we have engagement shoots at personally meaningful locations! Eric and Cory’s first date was at Stanford, and for their engagement photos, we started at the cactus garden and then moved onto main campus. The golden glow of the setting sun provided a perfect feel for this shoot; it was like a materialization of the warmth and love between them and gave these photos a look that perfectly matched the feeling of our hour together. Somehow, they also managed to change into three outfits in the blink of an eye and looked great in all of them! And we loved their little hugs and smooches in between (and during) shots 😀

It’s actually been quite some time since we’ve been back on campus, and we had a great evening walking around with Eric and Cory. We’re super excited for their wedding this fall!