Hansen & Sherlyn’s San Francisco Sunset Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

Hansen and Sherlyn first met during the pandemic, and now they’re taking a tour around the USA for their first international trip together. First stop: the Bay Area, where we met up by the oceanside for their sunset pre-wedding photo shoot. It just so happens that it’s that time of year again when the fog is (mostly) gone, the sun is out, and my primary residence is Sutro Baths, so of course that’s one of the locations we shot at. The fun thing though is that no matter how many times I’m back, the results are always very different. After all, the main subject here is Hansen + Sherlyn, not the background! And there’s just something about a suit + wedding gown that is a special sort of stunning. Take a look below at a few of my favs from this shoot, and congrats H+S on your wedding next year!