Anthony & Colleen’s Modern Winery Surprise Proposal at Artesa Vineyards

Colleen’s Saturday started with prettying up and getting ready with two of her friends for a trip to Artesa Vineyards & Winery. Since the boys were out golfing for the morning, they’d have a fun, relaxed girls’ wine tasting for a few hours before meeting up with them later in the day. What Colleen didn’t know, though, was what everyone else knew: this was going to be a very special day.

Anthony, of course, wasn’t really golfing. He and two of his friends were already at Artesa, well ahead of the girls. He had been mentally rehearsing his proposal: how he’d greet his future wife, where he’d stand, what he’d say. I could see that he was super excited for it to happen, yet at the same time, anxious for the weight to be lifted off of him. And who wouldn’t be, after months of planning and keeping it a secret?!

Speaking of planning: as he was planning this trip several months back, Anthony had looked at a lot of potential locations, but knew Artesa was the one once he saw it. It’s also one of the very few modern wineries in Napa, sporting a clean, elegant architectural style, making subjects really pop in a way that few other places can. I think Anthony made the perfect choice for his surprise proposal!

When Colleen arrived and — still not suspecting a thing — started walking up the tall staircase at the front of the winery, her friends quietly hung back a bit to give the two of them space… and once she crested the peak, her soon-to-be fiancé was right there waiting for her. Check out the rest in the photos below 🙂 Congrats Anthony & Colleen!