M&T’s Half Moon Bay Wedding at Oceano Hotel

After originally planning to have a tiny backyard wedding, M&T realized they wanted to include far more friends & family than their backyard would accommodate — and they quickly put together new plans for a full-sized wedding at Oceano Hotel in the span of just a few short months. One of our favorite parts of their wedding day was the bride and groom’s private vow exchange: after a very cute first look, the two took turns reading their personal vows (out of super classy matching wooden vow books) to each other in private. It was a very emotional moment, full of laughter and tears, and I think this is something every couple should consider doing! (The astute viewer may also notice we shot those from far away with long lenses 🙂)

The rest of the day was just as beautiful: a short and sweet ceremony (including abbreviated versions of their vows), some wonderful dinner speeches, a well-practiced first dance, and lots of dancing and partying into the night. The part that really showed us who M&T are was their thank-you toast, in which they described how they couldn’t have a backyard wedding because something was missing — and that something was their friends and family. We’ve heard a lot of thank-you speeches, but this was perhaps the most sincere, thoughtful, and heartfelt of them all, and it categorized this set of wedding photos in our minds as one to be felt rather than seen.

Oh, and it actually rained for much of the day… but everyone was having too good of a time to notice 😃

We now present a few highlights from M&T’s wedding day!