Audrey & Carter’s HL Peninsula Pearl Wedding Banquet

A lot of couples slated to get married in 2020 decided to either postpone entirely to 2021, or they chose to have a small ceremony in 2020 and then a larger wedding in 2021. Audrey and Carter went the latter route and thought, why have another ceremony again? Let’s spend that time partying instead! So they spent the day having a big wedding like they had originally envisioned, just without the ceremony part, with a big dinner reception at HL Peninsula Pearl in Burlingame.

Our day with them started off with a first look in the hills of Belmont near the Crystal Springs Reservoir. Audrey was gorgeous in her dress and veil, and the mountain backdrop worked out great for some beautiful bridal party and family photos. Even though we had quite a few group photos to go through in a short amount of time, Audrey’s very go-go-go approach to these photos (which we LOVED) helped everything stay on time.

Over at the reception in Burlingame, the couple had a very memorable grand entrance — one that we hope to see more of in the future — with confetti cannons to welcome and celebrate the bride and groom. Everyone had a blast (ha ha), and it made for some really fun photos! Throughout the night, all the guests had a great time (the photobooth was an especially popular attraction) and enjoyed a delicious feast, and there was even a lion dance performance, which was super cool and definitely a first for us as photographers.

We loved capturing all the excitement and energy. Take a look at some of the highlights below!