Kaila & Peter’s Tiburon Engagement Photos

Last week, we met up with Kaila and Peter at two special spots for their engagement photos in Tiburon: the San Francisco Yacht Club for some photos in the marina and on the family boat, and at Old St. Hilary’s Church, which is a cute little chapel situated atop a beautiful grassy hill. Sailing has always been a big part of Kaila and her family, so it made a lot of sense to shoot at the yacht club. And now it’s something the two of them enjoy together 🙂

We really appreciated the variety we were able to get in a relatively short shoot — the colorful and watery environment at the yacht club plus the open, grassy field at the church make a good complementary pair. My favorite part of the shoot, though, was how between every few photos, Kaila and Peter would sneak in a little kiss. Little things like that make us smile!

Can’t wait to capture next year’s wedding and many more kisses!