Sean & Natalie’s Marriage Proposal at the Stanford Dish

Sean had been thinking about his plan for proposing to Natalie for a looooong time. After having considered quite a few different ideas, he ended up deciding on spending a very special day together, and ending it with an afternoon hike and sunset marriage proposal at the Stanford Dish Loop.

Like ourselves so many years ago, Sean & Natalie had spent a period of time in a long-distance relationship. Stanford is where the two finally came together, marking the end to their long-distance phase and the beginning of a new phase in their relationship, so it made a lot of sense for this to be the special place for their engagement.

The Stanford Dish Trail has a beautiful view of not just The Dish itself, but also of golden rolling hills all around and of Stanford campus and the Bay off in the distance. It’s a moderately long walk — almost four miles, and one-way due to COVID restrictions — so we set out early to arrive at the spot a little before sunset. Take a look below at what unfolded next!