Jenny & Brian’s Winery Wedding at Viansa Sonoma

Almost two years ago, we geared up and hid in the (mostly figurative) bushes at Stow Lake to capture Brian asking Jenny for her hand in marriage (see proposal photos here!). We’re so happy to have now followed their story to their wedding day! Although some changes had to be made due to COVID-19 — like so many weddings this year, the original plan was for a much larger gathering — it only ended up making their winery wedding at Viansa Sonoma feel even more warm and intimate.

With a group of just ten people, the day felt to us like a perfect blend of wedding and family gathering which, after all, is exactly what it was: a day of celebration and union, when two families became one. Their ceremony fit the theme perfectly, with handwritten vows from the bride & groom as well as a few words from parents on both sides. And we have to give a special hat-tip to Jenny’s brother for doing such an incredible job as the officiant. Both his content and delivery were absolutely spot-on, with just the right amount of humor and poignancy weaved in, as you can see in the laughter and tears below.

Before we headed out for the night, we listened to Jenny’s father give a toast about her, about them, and about Brian. It was really touching in a way that I’m not even sure photos can truly capture. I hope that we’ll one day be as blessed as Jenny’s dad is now, with a daughter who has found her perfect partner in life. Congrats Jenny and Brian!