Katie & Brian’s San Ramon Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Eight months into the pandemic with still no slowdown of the virus in sight, Katie and Brian still managed to have their wedding on their original wedding day — though as you might imagine, much of it had to be re-planned! Instead of a large indoor wedding, they ended up having a very small backyard ceremony. And for us, it was quite enjoyable both to photograph as well as just to witness. There’s really nothing quite so intimate and contemporary like Katie and Brian’s tiny, socially-distanced, live-streamed, backyard wedding!

Though fewer than ten guests were physically present, a huge group gathered to watch them on the live stream that we had set up. And while the pandemic kept Katie’s parents from being able to travel to San Ramon for the wedding, online viewers were still able to see them give a short speech to bless the bride & groom during the ceremony. One strangely modern aspect to all of this is that guests could give their congratulations as loudly as they wanted with a flurry of ❤👏😀​👍 emojis in real time 🙂

Check out the photos below!