Harriet & Anthony’s Backyard Wedding Celebration

Harriet & Anthony are all about each other… and food. Lots of food. In fact, at their (very thoughtfully socially distanced) backyard ceremony, they had each written individual vows — and each made plenty of mentions of food and feeding each other and more food. And they had Bobaville drinks for everyone — my kind of couple!

For real though, even from just the ceremony, I could see how well they compliment one another, which I think is the real hallmark of a strong relationship. They were so thoughtful for all of their guests too, and made sure to space everything out so everyone could easily socially distance from each other while still being close enough to share the joy. I might be a little biased (maybe partly from the delicious Bobaville drinks), but this was one of the most beautiful coronavirus-era wedding celebrations I’ve been to, and I’m so happy to be able to share some highlights 🙂 Congrats to Harriet and Anthony!