Marcus & Kasley’s Mt. Tam Trailside Engagement Proposal

Marcus & Kasley have a “spot” in the trails of Marin, up near Mt. Tam. There’s a log just off the path where they’ve shared some special memories together, and what could be a better place to mark their next big step together? So on an perfectly clear and beautiful July day, the two of them headed up into the hills together. Right after they arrived, we just randomly happened (not really… 😇) to pass by and catch this memory for them to remember and cherish.

I have to also mention that Marcus was super thorough in his preparation, planning the details down to which knee to take. I’m sure most guys mentally run through the proposal a million times before actually doing it, but he actually went to the spot the day before (not a short trip!) and even tied a ribbon with little hearts so that we’d be able to find it out in the middle of nowhere. Having put so much thought into making this special moment the perfect one is probably a good indication of happy times ahead 😀

Congrats on this beautiful engagement to an even more beautiful couple!