Jason & Xiaonan’s San Francisco Oceanside Sunset Engagement Photos

Just over a year ago, we quietly hid in the (figurative) bushes as Jason and Xiaonan took a walk through the quiet and sheltered Muir Woods, until they ended up on one of the wooden bridges where he proposed (and where, of course, she said yes!). They decided to do something a little different and have an oceanside sunset engagement shoot, out in the open, under a warm sunset sky with the fresh ocean breeze all around them.

We spent about half our time at the Palace of Fine Arts, a perennial favorite of San Francisco natives and visitors alike, and, probably due to the coronavirus, it was actually looking even better than usual — the rotunda was unusually empty and we took full advantage of that. And the sunset was perfect that day, making it so easy for us to paint images of the connection between Jason and Xiaonan in the most beautiful light. (We’ve been locked up for a couple months, so any sunset is a good sunset… but really, this was great even by the standards of the Before Times!)

We don’t travel super often for weddings, about twice a year on average, and I’m really glad their wedding next year will be one of those. We’re looking forward to joining them in their celebration and capturing all the excitement!